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The main window of F-Album. Control panel (left side) and Thumbnails panel (right side).

Another original feature of F-Album is a Temporary list (yellow area). You can drag images from any section of F-Album to this area and process a result collection as you wish - make new category, create web-gallery etc.

The preview sample window of F-Album. F-Album stores a sample (miniature) of image in its database. At the bottom of the window you can see images information such as dimensions, date, comments, EXIF (if available) and others.

'Add images' window. User can choose a more preferable sample mode creation, sample quality and a set of files that will be added to the database.

You can set as more hierarchical categories/persons to the one image as you wish.

For every image a user can set a Date, Subject, Comment, Private flag and Rate.

Along with a sample and basic data of an image, F-Album saves EXIF information for a digital shot.

F-Album has two styles of thumbnails: Simple (more thumbnails on the page) and Card (more information about image). You can see the Card style on the screenshot.

If you want to see the maximum number of tumbnails on the page you can turn Control panel to a slide-bar mode. In this case Control panel will appear only if you move mouse cursor to the window left border.

Full screen mode with the hidden Control panel for extremal viewing :).

F-Album has a power web-gallery generator with support templates and page lay-out.

This is a screenshot of a web-page generated by F-Album with the default template.

Main window with the opton Blind. Through this option you can hide your images from anyone.

Categories section of F-Album.

Persons section of F-Album.