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Version 1.8.0 [ April 17, 2007 ]

  • New: Supporting several albums.
  • New: Buttons for clearing search parameters.
  • Fixed: Incorrect locking category/person dialog for search parameters.
  • Fixed: Several persons are not searched properly in simple search.
  • Fixed: 'Access violation...' with simple search in some cases.
  • Fixed: 'PicDataSet: No index currently active' error in some cases.

Version 1.7.0 [ August 14, 2006 ]

  • New: HTML Export allows resize stored sample
  • New: 'Open with...' allows open image file with selected application (like image editor).
  • New: RAW-reader has updated. Now supports additional cameras.
  • New: Added two new templates for HTML export.
  • Fixed: Category/Person float window does not closed on 'OK' button.
  • Fixed: Multi choice does not work properly in shift-mode for setting Category/Person.
  • Fixed: Sample does not copied in preview window.

Version 1.6.1 [ Decenber 22, 2005 ]

  • New: Copy file path for images.
  • Fixed: Float windows behaviour.

Version 1.6.0 [ December 20, 2005 ]

  • New: Float and dockable Categories/Persons dialog.
  • New: Float Preview window.
  • New: Password protection (see options).
  • New: Images number and Categories/Persons/Rate indicators on preview window.

Version 1.5.1 [ December 6, 2005 ]

  • Fixed: Application hang-up when reading EXIF information.

Version 1.5.0 [ September 19, 2005 ]

  • New: Rename media in Location tree.
  • New: Resample algorithm for preview (see Options).
  • New: Full screen preview (Doubble Click).
  • New: Stretch preview.
  • New: Copy sample to clipboard from thumbnails list and from preview(Ctrl+C).
  • New: Hot key (Ctrl+Ins) for adding to temporary list from thumbnails list and from preview.
  • New: Statistic for temporary list.
  • New: Mouse weel support for thumbnails list and for preview.
  • Fixed: Resizing temporary list error.
  • Fixed: Rate icon does not shown at the temporary list.

Version 1.4.2 [ June 15, 2005 ]

  • Fixed: Incorrect image file rised errors.

Version 1.4.1 [ June 6, 2005 ]

  • New: Support TIFF LZW format.

Version 1.4.0 [ May 10, 2005 ]

  • New: Day event. Ability to set short comment for any day at the date tree. Also, day event displays at the preview panel with "Date" informer.
  • New: Updated image processing engine allows processing additional various types of JPEG and TIFF images such as pictures with CMYK format.
  • New: Ability to set resample algorithm for thumbnails and for samples. This feature allows to resample images more accurately.
  • Fixed: "Add images" dialog box does not allow to select folders from shared net devices.
  • Fixed: Trying to compact empty database rised error.

Version 1.3.0 [ April 8, 2005 ]

  • New: 'Copy to' feature. Allows to copy selected original image files to another location (registered version only).
  • New: Sort order mode allows to sort images in date descend order separate to Date and Categories/Persons sections. See 'Sort order' group in the 'Options\Sections' window.
  • New: Start 'Add images' dialog for empty database.
  • Fixed: After date changes sort order in Categories does not refreshed.
  • Fixed: After delete category 'Cn' indicator does not refreshed.
  • Fixed: Categories with same begin part of name show incorrect set of images.
  • Fixed: System allows create categories with same name.
  • Fixed: Incorrect work with recurcive node deletion in the Date section.
  • Fixed: Search result has incorrect number of pages.

Version 1.2.0 [ January 30, 2005 ]

  • New: RAW files support (without EXIF)
  • New: Title and Icon size properties for export to HTML
  • Fixed: Some selected images can not be exported to HTML.
  • Fixed: Rescaned images have old real file size.

Version 1.1.0 [ December 12, 2004 ]

  • New: Interface style has been changed.
  • New: Database format has been changed.
  • New: Set fields for miltiple images at once.
  • New: Additional options for images - Thumbnail kind. It can be set to Fit whole image or Full filled.
  • New: Size of window of last F-Album session stored and restored for next session.
  • New: Creating new e-mail message with selected images. For MS Outlook only.
  • New: After changing the thumbnails options user may to remake thumbnails for all images at once.
  • New: Help updated.
  • Fixed: While working with search results image list switched to selection.
  • Fixed: While compacting new images database saved to the incorrect place.

Version 1.0.1 [ October 23, 2004 ]

  • Fixed: Click to the empty thumbnails panel raised error.
  • Fixed: Rescan a selected image with opened image section raised error.

Version 1.0.0 [ October 4, 2004 ]

  • First release.