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Tracking time for workgroup, simple project management.


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Size: 1,811 KB Version: 2.2.4

You can use this version of Time Sled for free, but it has the some limitations (see details below).

If you have Lotus Notes/Domino you can try TS Lotus Notes integration pack.
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Time Sled is a functional time tracking utility that will allow you to account for the time spent on one or another task. You start it when you begin working and you stop it when you finish working.

The tasks you are working on may be grouped into projects. Projects can have subprojects. Using such grouping, you may set an hourly rate (the cost of the work performed for the project per hour) for each project. Time Sled will be calculating the time spent on one or another task (project) as well as the total amount according to the indicated hourly rate.

Task can be mapped to any window or whole application. In this case such task will start automatically when user works with mapped window or application.

It is a common knowledge that we do not spend all time at the computer in the real life. Time Sled has a function of inserting the executed task that will enable you to account for the time you spend away from the computer as well.

After having collected the statistics in Time Sled, you can later review the results either in the Lotus Notes Database, or in a special application TS Reporter. Using this program (TS Reporter), you may view the statistics of the time spent under different time sections. TS Reporter allows you to view the statistics graphically as well. You will be able to estimate and analyze the volumes of work you perform by day, month and year and for some period. Also, you can export log records directly to the Microsoft Excel or to a text file. Printable report allow you to make hard copy of log records.

For workgroups we have the multi-user version - Time Sled Team.

  • You can use Time Sled not more than 4 hours per day
  • You can not use Data Filter feature with the TS Reporter
  • You can not use Data Grouping feature with the TS Reporter
  • You can not save printable report options with the TS Reporter
  • You can not change a page header in the printable report with the TS Reporter