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Time Sled Team is a multi-user system, intended for the tracking of time and payroll counting based on hourly rate. It allows to manage the tracking of working hours by employees, hierarchical projects, tasks and time period (date).

The system consists of 3 modules:
  • TST Administrator
  • TST Client
  • TST Reporter
The user and project management is implemented in the module TST Administrator. The set of privileges is used to separate a user access to data. Average users, who do not possess any privileges, may work only with their own data. Project managers may be given rights to create projects and tasks, as well as to view and modify data of other users.

Each project and task may be either assigned to separate user groups, or may be accessed by all users. Users, while tracking their time, may see only those projects and tasks that have been assigned to them.

Each project must have at least one task, which will be available to a user for the time reporting.

The time tracking in Time Sled Team may be performed either dynamically or statically.

In case of the dynamic approach, a user, when beginning the work on some task, must start a corresponding task in TST Client. Once the work is finished, the task must be stopped, or a new task must be started. TST Client carefully registers when and how long a user has worked on a certain task. To facilitate the dynamic tracking, a user may utilize the function of task mapping to a certain application, window or URL. In this case, the task starts automatically once a user switches to a window of this application and stops when a user switches to another application. As a trigger, an URL in the browser may also be used.

In case of the static approach to the time tracking, a user regularly enters, using TST Client or TST Reporter, the information on how long and what tasks he has worked on.

In TST Reporter, using the information logged by TST Client, it is possible to analyze the user activity by various criteria, create reports and export the data to other applications for a further analysis.

Functionally, Time Sled Team consists of the databases server and client application.

As data storage, Time Sled Team uses the SQL server FireBird, which is distributed with a free license.

Time Sled Team has a single distributive that contains a server, as well as a client application.