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Tracking time for workgroup, simple project management.


Paste your snippets and images to anywhere at anytime with many options.


Store image previews from CD/DVD. Categorize, search, build gallery.

Changes Saver

Add live history to your files. Backup every file change.

Batch Launcher

Create batches of applications and launch needed at anytime or at start up.

Version 2.2.4 [ October 11, 2007 ]

  • Fixed: Time Sled: Save on shutdown does not work.
  • Fixed: Time Sled: Auto save does not work just after option set.

Version 2.2.3 [ June 13, 2007 ]

  • Fixed: Time Sled: Incorrect rate calculation in some cases with pause mode.

Version 2.2.2 [ July 25, 2005 ]

  • Fixed: Time Sled: Dialog windows centered through desktop that is problem for two monitor system.
  • Fixed: TS Reporter: Incorrect subtotals for subprojects in the printable report.

Version 2.2.1 [ June 26, 2005 ]

  • Fixed: Time Sled: Incorrect notification about idle mode for mapped tasks.

Version 2.2.0 [ June 21, 2005 ]

  • New: Time Sled: Activity reminder.
  • New: Time Sled: Global hot keys for most used actions.
  • New: Time Sled: Blue icon for mapped tasks.
  • New: Time Sled: Detect 'sleep'/'hibernate' mode and process running task properly.
  • Fixed: Time Sled: Unstable with using IE URL mapping.

Version 2.1.0 [ September 1, 2004 ]

  • New: Time Sled: Added command line parameters that allow to start, insert task and stop currently running task.
  • New: Time Sled: For creating new project user can set template now.
  • New: Time Sled: Task log day records can be saved as one total log record. This option is useful for mapped tasks that make a lot of log records.
  • New: Time Sled: Task can be mapped now through window title mask.
  • New: Time Sled: Task can be mapped now through Internet Explorer address or address mask.
  • New: Time Sled: For log records added two options - 'Set end to now' and 'Set end to now and continue'.
  • Fixed: Time Sled: At midnight log records saved to incorrect XML file.
  • Fixed: Time Sled: While task deletion mapped applications was not cleared.

Version 2.0.2 [ May 28, 2004 ]

  • Fixed: Time Sled: Rate information wrote in incorrect format.
  • Fixed: TS Reporter: Rate for old records doesn't count properly.

Version 2.0.1 [ May 26, 2004 ]

  • Fixed: Time Sled: Rate information dosn't write while insert record.
  • Fixed: Time Sled: If whole application defined window title mapping for this application doesn't start. Now, window title will find first and if it not found whole application mapping will start.
  • Fixed: TS Reporter: Rate doesn't count properly.

Version 2.0.0 [ May 25, 2004 ]

  • New: Time Sled: Projects can have subprojects.
  • New: Time Sled: Subprojects and tasks can use inherit rate from parent project or use own rate.
  • New: Time Sled: Task can be mapped to any window or whole application. In this case such task will start automatically when user works with mapped window or application.
  • New: Time Sled: Last used tasks store and will show as history at the next session day.
  • New: Time Sled: Any project or task can be moved to the new place in project hierarchy.
  • New: TS Reporter: Data tree and printable report support project hierarchy.
  • New: TS Reporter: User can save/open any number of castomized printable report templates.
  • New: TS Reporter: In addition to font and background settings, user can set frame for any printable report section.
  • New: TS Reporter: Load options allow count records for defined period only. This option serve for increase performance.
  • New: TS Reporter: Compact options allow load records day totals only for defined period. This option serve for increase performance.
  • New: TS Reporter: User settings (sort order, filtration, last used printable report template) store and will automatically load at the next session.
  • New: TS Reporter: Left frame of user interface is resizable now.

Version 1.4.4 [ May 14, 2004 ]

  • Fixed: Time Sled: While MS NetMeeting running application rised error.
  • Fixed: TS Reporter: Can't save as text from printable report preview.

Version 1.4.3 [ February 12, 2004 ]

  • Fixed: Time Sled: Sometimes while start new task program generated error "Access violation...".
  • Fixed: Time Sled: While inserting new task this one doesn't add to project list.
  • Fixed: TS Reporter: Main window can't be minimized.

Version 1.4.2 [ February 4, 2004 ]

  • Fixed: All time change controls set to 24h format.
  • Fixed: Time Sled: While creating new project rate does not saved.

Version 1.4.1 [ January 21, 2004 ]

  • Fixed: TS Reporter: Inserting through calendar selection generated error.
  • Fixed: TS Reporter: Delta time control in Insert/Edit dialog for log record had AM/PM format.
  • Fixed: TS Reporter: Edit and insert operations through calendar selection don't reflect in Data tree selection.
  • Fixed: TS Reporter: Data export produce delta (spent) time in AM/PM format.
  • New: TS Reporter: User can choose 12h/24h format for exporting data.

Version 1.4.0 [ October 21, 2003 ]

  • Fixed: Time Sled: After midnight active tasks list doesn't clear.
  • Fixed: Time Sled: In the insert task dialog, delta time has the AM/PM format.
  • New: Time Sled: In the insert task dialog, start time sets to the end time of a previous log record.
  • New: Lotus Notes pack: Support Lotus Notes 6.
  • New: Lotus Notes pack: Support of a multi-user access. Each user has his/her own ToDo list and projects.
  • New: Lotus Notes pack: TS Log database has changed for support of a multiuser access.

Version 1.3.6 [ May 26, 2003 ]

  • Fixed: Time Sled: When working at midnight, log record for a previous day wuld get lost.
  • Fixed: Time Sled: Opening a new task dialog from the icon context menu a couple of time without closing this dialog generated an error.

Version 1.3.5 [ April 11, 2003 ]

  • Fixed: TS Reporter: For a period of more than one year TS Reporter has produced an error "Scroll bar property out of range".

Version 1.3.4 [ March 7, 2003 ]

  • Fixed: TS Reporter: Using the "&" symbol in project or task name generated an error.

Version 1.3.3 [ March 5, 2003 ]

  • Fixed: Time Sled, TS Reporter: Problem with time display for the 12-hours mode.
  • Fixed: Time Sled: Empty task creating after a pause generated an error.

Version 1.3.2 [ February 11, 2003 ]

  • Fixed: TS Reporter: The data filtering function has produced an error "Closed datasource...".
  • Fixed: Time Sled: Uninstaller has erased the user data.

Version 1.3.1 [ December 6, 2002 ]

  • Fixed: TS Reporter: Rate subtotals in a printable report are not calculated properly.

Version 1.3.0 [ November 6, 2002 ]

  • Fixed: Time Sled: After a log entry has been deleted, it was impossible to start a task from the projects list.
  • Fixed: Time Sled: When working at midnight, all activities from a previous day got saved into a log of a next day.
  • New: TS Reporter: Customizable data grouping. See the details in the Help document on Time Sled.
  • New: TS Reporter: Customizable data filtration. See the details in the Help document on Time Sled.
  • New: TS Reporter: Customizable printable report with an option of saving the made settings as default settings. See the details in the Help document on Time Sled.
  • New: TS Reporter: Data export directly into Microsoft Excel with an option to use a template. See the details in the Help document on Time Sled.

Version 1.2.1 [ October 4, 2002 ]

  • Fixed: Projects list has corrupted with the autoload option.
  • Fixed: Projects and tasks are loaded/saved from an unexpected filepath.
  • Fixed: Projects list has corrupted after Options have been saved.

Version 1.2.0 [ May 21, 2002 ]

  • New: Rarely used code is taken away to the separate dll's. This allows to decrease the application size and loading time.
  • New: In order to facilitate the installation procedure for most users, the Lotus Notes integration part is supplied as a separate pack.
  • New: All projects actions proceed from the Project list area that has replaced the old To Do list. The projects section from Options has been already removed.
  • New: All new tasks are automatically saved now to the Projects list. Save To Do action has been removed.
  • New: Planned time for a task is saveding now in theduring an entire whole day.
  • New: The Mmain menu has the a complete list of actions now. Added new items Project and Task.
  • New: The Task edit field in the New task dialog has been replaced to the drop-down context list. When you selected the a project you can select one of the its tasks from the drop-down list.
  • New: The Time Sled window increases/decreases its size while you show/hide control areas. This feature allows don't to not change the Tasks area size of Time Sled.
  • New: Stop and save the an active task on the Windows shutdown event.

Version 1.1.0 [ April 7, 2002 ]

  • Fixed: After changinge the properties of a
    task through the Activity log area in Time Sled, this task disappeared in from the LN database.
  • Fixed: Some mistypes in the Time Sled help.
  • New: Time Sled supports the Windows XP styles now.
  • New: Added an option "Hide splash screen".
  • New: Added new sections to the Time Sled help.

Version 1.0.0 [ March 3, 2002 ]

  • First release.