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Time Sled

Track time for tasks and projects, manual switch or track applications.


Paste your snippets and images to anywhere at anytime with many options.


Store image previews from CD/DVD. Categorize, search, build gallery.

Changes Saver

Add live history to your files. Backup every file change.

Batch Launcher

Create batches of applications and launch needed at anytime or at start up.

Version 1.1.0 [ September 02, 2009 ]

  • New: Store user options in the user data folder for new installations (Vista compatibles).
  • Fixed: Reporter: Option 'Short date' raised error.
  • Fixed: Reporter: Broken connection 'frozen' application.
  • Fixed: Reporter: Manually created log record didn't appear in the list.
  • Fixed: Client: Empty project can be cause of making incorrect log records.
  • Fixed: Client: Renaming task or project can be cause of error.
  • Fixed: Client: Broken connection 'frozen' application.
  • Fixed: Client: Option 'Auto save' doesn't work.
  • Fixed: Administrator: Broken connection 'frozen' application.
  • Fixed: Administrator: Start of application clearing 'Login automatically' option for Client and Reporter.
  • Fixed: Administrator: Removing project from list didn't remove project from tree.
  • Fixed: Administrator: Projects list doesn't sorted alphabetically.
  • Fixed: Administrator: Setting user privileges while creating new user raised error.

Version 1.0.0 [ February 27, 2007 ]

  • First release.